What Makes A Quality Ad?

Whether you’re just starting to consider promoting your site with a PPC Singapore campaign or you’ve been buying these ads for years there’s always more to learn and consider. One aspect of the PPC game that many people forget about is the quality score. Both Google AdWords and the Yahoo Bing ad network take ad quality into consideration. A higher quality ad means more clicks and a better return on investment. But what does it mean to have a quality ad? To answer that question you have to go beyond the usual questions of how an ad works for you specifically.

While these ad networks are generally more than happy to take your money in exchange for pretty much any ad you want to put online they also have to consider the people who look at these ads and click on them. A misleading ad might turn web surfers off clicking on ads in the future. With this in mind it makes sense that they want to promote ads that are relevant and provide users with the sort of internet experience they are looking for.

The first step towards getting an ad online is picking keywords you want to target. If you want your ad to get a good quality score you have to pick keywords that are actually related to the page you’re trying to market. For example, if you buy an ad for the keyword “used cars” and point it at a page that you run dedicated to stamp collecting then you’re going to get knocked on relevancy. The keyword chosen has nothing to do with the actual page content. You may have some scheme in mind but even if you turn a profit most visitors will just end up feeling frustrated and cheated. The reasons why Google would want to discourage this sort of thing should be clear.

Keep on testing your ads until they’re the best they can be. Click through rate, or CTR, is one of the thing Google and Bing take into account when calculating quality and you probably won’t hit your best CTR on your first try. Keep writing different ads and testing them until you find what works for you. This ties together with relevance since searchers are more likely to click on ads that are relevant to their search. Try and figure out why people are searching for your keyword and write an ad that explains why your page provides them with exactly what they need. Just make sure you’re being honest about your page.

If you’re serious about PPC you have to be serious about producing ads that are the best they can be. When the price you pay per click is on the line you should be doing whatever you can. Minor differences in quality at the start of a long ad campaign can have serious ramifications on the profitability of the whole endeavor. Once again we see that your marketing efforts will be most effective if you work with Google and it’s competitors rather than trying to game the system. Write the sort of ads people will want to read and target the sort of searches that relate to what you’re offering and you’ll be on your way to success.