The Importance Of Having A Brand

One common thread that ties together the most successful companies in the world is their brand identity. If you stop and think of the biggest companies you know you’ll find that you connect their names with certain images, phrases and other branding elements. Almost everyone in the world knows that the golden arches mean McDonalds. As you build your business and your web presence you need to think about the sort of brand you’re building. Everything a business owner does has an impact on their identity, whether they are aware of it or not. One of the keys to long term success is taking control of your brand identity by making clear decisions about the path you want to take.

One area where branding is essential is in advertising. Properly understood google adwords operates on many of the traditional principles of advertising. Whenever you’re doing SEO work you need to think about how your efforts are effecting the branding of the business you are advertising.

The first step in good branding is actually taking the time to figure out what exactly you want to convey. If you could have just one phrase associated with your company, what would it be? What about just one word? You want simple, memorable core concepts that you can build on throughout everything you do. This is the essence of building a brand. In the beginning you should test different options out. One good way to do this is by purchasing two sets of advertisements on Google Adwords. Try out different slogans and phrases and track how both of them perform to see which is more effective with your target audience.

Remember that visuals can be extremely valuable when you are trying to create a lasting impact on people. Traditionally a lot of SEO has been very focused on text. But as strategies are becoming more diverse to keep up with social media images have become more and more essential. Think of websites like Pinterest and Tumblr, if you want to advertise on them a visual identity is essential. Pick certain visual elements like colors, symbols, fonts and the like and try to use them throughout your work so it has a cohesive feel that ties everything together.

This can all seem a little abstract so lets think of an example. SEO requires some sort of link building. For years many people have grabbed up any link they can. In the past plenty of people spammed blogs and comments with keywords in hope of boosting the ranking power of their sites. This might have made some sense at the time given the success produced but such strategies ignore the power of branding. The last thing you should want is to have your identity associated with spam. You want your name to be connected with positive ideas like quality cheap SEO and trust, not cheap tricks and laziness. So you see, when you keep branding in mind it can help guide the sort of moves you make.

Shortcuts aren’t worth it if they put your brand at risk. On the other hand, if you take the time to consciously build a brand based on quality content you are setting yourself up for long term success. Once the name of your business is associated with quality you have a crucial advantage over your competition. That’s what you need to strive for.

What Makes A Quality Ad?

Whether you’re just starting to consider promoting your site with a PPC Singapore campaign or you’ve been buying these ads for years there’s always more to learn and consider. One aspect of the PPC game that many people forget about is the quality score. Both Google AdWords and the Yahoo Bing ad network take ad quality into consideration. A higher quality ad means more clicks and a better return on investment. But what does it mean to have a quality ad? To answer that question you have to go beyond the usual questions of how an ad works for you specifically.

While these ad networks are generally more than happy to take your money in exchange for pretty much any ad you want to put online they also have to consider the people who look at these ads and click on them. A misleading ad might turn web surfers off clicking on ads in the future. With this in mind it makes sense that they want to promote ads that are relevant and provide users with the sort of internet experience they are looking for.

The first step towards getting an ad online is picking keywords you want to target. If you want your ad to get a good quality score you have to pick keywords that are actually related to the page you’re trying to market. For example, if you buy an ad for the keyword “used cars” and point it at a page that you run dedicated to stamp collecting then you’re going to get knocked on relevancy. The keyword chosen has nothing to do with the actual page content. You may have some scheme in mind but even if you turn a profit most visitors will just end up feeling frustrated and cheated. The reasons why Google would want to discourage this sort of thing should be clear.

Keep on testing your ads until they’re the best they can be. Click through rate, or CTR, is one of the thing Google and Bing take into account when calculating quality and you probably won’t hit your best CTR on your first try. Keep writing different ads and testing them until you find what works for you. This ties together with relevance since searchers are more likely to click on ads that are relevant to their search. Try and figure out why people are searching for your keyword and write an ad that explains why your page provides them with exactly what they need. Just make sure you’re being honest about your page.

If you’re serious about PPC you have to be serious about producing ads that are the best they can be. When the price you pay per click is on the line you should be doing whatever you can. Minor differences in quality at the start of a long ad campaign can have serious ramifications on the profitability of the whole endeavor. Once again we see that your marketing efforts will be most effective if you work with Google and it’s competitors rather than trying to game the system. Write the sort of ads people will want to read and target the sort of searches that relate to what you’re offering and you’ll be on your way to success.